How to Download Vshare from Cydia & How to Use it

After the end of installations, we have tried many apps to find its best alternative. If you miss them here are they for your reference:

    iFunbox : Desktop software to install cracked apps 
    Appcake : A good alternative to Installous 

We have tried both apps that I have mentioned above, and none of them beat installous. They are good but the features installous used to offer, is still missing from Appcake and iFunbox. Today we will discuss about vShare, which is best app for jailbroken device. We will discuss how to download vShare and how to use vShare.

How to Download Vshare Cydia using Cydia : CydiaApple
How to Download Vshare Cydia using Cydia : CydiaApple

How to download Vshare from Cydia:

Vshare is available on Cydia and could be downloaded by adding repocydia repo. You can refer this article on how to add a new cydia repo.

  •     Go to Cydia
  •     Manage
  •     sources 
  •     Edit 
  •     Add
  •     Enter
  •     Once repo is added then serach for Vshare and install it.

Features of Vshare, and How to use VShare:

Vshare is the alternate of Installous. It offers amazing UI, and also allow to update all cracked apps that you have downloaded and installed using Installous.

Here are full feature list:

  •     Download cracked apps
  •     Install apps by searching
  •     Share downloaded ipas over Wi-fi
  •     Personalize UI
  •     Option to find new apps
  •     Install paid iOS apps for free
vShare is a best free alternate solution to installous. Once you have installed Vshare then open it and you will see welcome screen. You can click on any iOS app and install it.

We hope this article will help you to find a solution. We are sure Vshare app will never disappoint anyone. If you still face any issue in installing Vshare or adding Vshare repo, feel free to let us know via comment.

New Vshare official source

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