Friday, March 30, 2018

Apple iOS 11.3 is here for you with new Animojis

Are you struggling to use your iPhone and Ipad with iOS 11?

If, yes, then I have good news for you. Apple has just released an iOS update is known as iOS 11.3 to fix most of the bugs in iOS. It has not only set the bugs but also introduced the four new Animojis.

Apple iOS 11.3 is here for you with new Animojis: iOSCrunch
Apple iOS 11.3 is here for you with new Animojis: iOSCrunch

Yes, you read it right.

What's all new is coming with iOS 11.3?

First of all, I like to share that it offers four new Animojis;
  • Dragon
  • Bear
  • Loin
  • Skull
  1. iOS 11.3 also coming with most awaited battery update. The new information tells you about the status of your battery such as capacity and time to charge.

  2. Health app is a new addition to iOS 11.3 update. It helps you keep track of health records. Health records are only available in the USA.

  3. What I like most about this update is that now you will find customer support messages in your message box. You can quickly talk about the business for your needs.

  4. You will also find video clip section now. You can also check the size of updates and many other things.
Remember: To be on safe side always update your iOS device. Take the backup of all the data using iTunes before installing an update.

Final Words:

In short iOS 11.3 is bringing a lot of minor and tiny updates altogether. If you still have any question, feel free to ask ioscrunch.

Don't forget to share if you have already updated your iOS device or not?
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Review: Don't Overlook

The biggest expectation and excitement for 2017 was the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With the launch of iPhone 8 company has offered many advanced features. But you need to find out if this is the best smartphone for you or not?

Apple iPhone 8 review: iOSCrunch
Apple iPhone 8 Review: Don't Overlooked


If I talk about the design of new iPhone 8 then you may not find any major change. The same Glass front and back but with the new gold color option. It is still not the water resistant and dust resistant.

Its screen technology is new. With 4.7 inch screen and 1344 X 750 resolution. It also offers true tone display. It also features 3D Apple technology.

You may find True Tone as the main upgrade. Now you may ask what is True Tone?

True Tone is a feature which dynamically alters the screen display of your iPhone 8 depending upon the environment. This is actually a smart feature. It is actually comfortable for your eyes.

iPhone 8 also supports the HDR10 format and Dolby vision. Now you can easily run HD videos from Netflix and iTunes.

Processor and Storage:

New iPhone 8 comes with a new A11 bionic processor and available with 64/256GB storage options. New iPhone 8  does not need much power as it does not offer Face ID, image processor, and two camera features.

Battery, Quick Charge and Wireless Charging:

iPhone 8 supports Qi open standard with wireless charging. It also works with Belkin charging mats and charge really fast.

Still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
Wireless charging is one of the best features of iPhone 8.
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Top Must Have Accessories for iPhones

If you own an iPhone or planning to buy one, you have one of the best smartphones of the world. Therefore not only just enjoy the apps and social media in it, explore and utilize its features as much as you can. For that purpose, you may require accessories to fully utilize its features and easily use the iPhone too. The iOS are equipped with many exciting features which should be used to its full extent. That is why if you have iPhone or want to buy a new one, you should check out the list of accessories you must have to enjoy the iPhone at its peak.

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Top Must Have Accessories for iPhones : iOS Crunch
Top Must Have Accessories for iPhones : iOS Crunch

List of accessories you must have for iPhone:

1.    Headphones:

Have iPhone and don’t have good headphones with it? That’s sound very sad, but don’t worry you can always buy one. The sound quality of iPhones are not very high on the speakers, therefore, you must own a pair of good headphones which will support a good sound quality. Good headphones are not only best for listing music but also very effect in communication while traveling or doing any work.

There are many types and brands of headphones available in the market for the iPhones. You can choose according to your personal preference. The main task of the headphones is to reduce the sound disturbance and improve the volume at the same time.

2.    iPhone Cover:

If you want to secure your iPhone from scratches and falling, then you must keep it in the iPhone cover. The iPhone covers are designed to protect the phone as well as add more style to it. The iPhone covers are available in many styles and designs which you can choose according to your choice; there are many customized iPhone covers available in the market too. These customized options can include your name; pictures and memories to your back cover and add more personalized touch to your iPhone.

The iPhone cover will help your phone to secure from any accident too. The case helps in protecting the damages from the water spilling, dust, dirt and dropping on the floor which can cause major damages in the phone. That is why the always protect your phone in the cover.

3.    Protection film:

How many times have you caught someone sneaking in your phone? You can stop these annoying sneakers by applying simple protection film to your phone. Not only has it helped you protect your personal information to get public as many times using the phone in public places may result in identity theft. The protect film also prevents the screen from getting scratched and secure the screen from breaking too.

4.    Camera attachments:

The camera of the iPhone is one of the best features of the phone and it is well known for taking best pictures. Therefore you need to enhance the camera feature of the iPhone by buying the camera attachments for your phone. Some camera attachments are available for improving the camera pixels of the iPhone and take your pictures to the next level. That is why invest in the camera attachments to reduce the blurring and picture distortion as well. You can select the best camera attachment according to your choice and camera requirement.

5.    Keyboard:

If you want to type long phrases in your iPhone but unable to do so due to small screen and alphabets of the iPhone, the keyboard is just the right option for you. The keyboard helps in typing long phrases in you iPhone easily. Not only these keyboards are portable and easy to carry but also help you in typing easily and quickly. You can attach the keyboard whenever you need it and these portable keyboards are very helpful and can be carried anywhere you go. You can type long sentences with help of this keyboard and make your life easy. You can use wireless keyboard with iPhone.

6.    Mini speakers:

Music lover and find your iPhone sound quality low? The mini speakers can give you a better sound experience with high volume surround sound which can be attached to your iPhone anytime. These speakers are not only easy to carry and light weighted but the loud sound will provide you a complete joy of playing your favorite song on iPhone. Many speakers are also available in small capsule size which can be carried in your pocket as well. There are many sizes and shapes of speaker available in the market which you can buy according to your need and budget. The best thing about the speakers is that they improve the sound quality, enhance the volume, add base and let you enjoy your favorite music in the open air too. The speakers are portable too which means these can be used when they are required otherwise kept in the pocket or bag.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 (Plus) Running on iOS 10, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1, 10.2, etc.

If you are an iPhone user from past few years than you know then Jailbreak iPhone means unlocking iPhone. There are many benefits that you have enjoyed till now such as free apps and more functionality.

Today I am going to share how you can jailbreak your very own iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 10 to iOS 10.2.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 (Plus) Running on iOS 10, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1, 10.2, etc. : eAskme
How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 (Plus) Running on iOS 10, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1, 10.2, etc. : eAskme
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Step by step guide to jailbreak iPhone 7 Running on iOS 10:

There are few things which you should do before actually jail breaking your iPhone 7 or jail breaking iPhone 7 plus.

Start with the preparation of Jailbreak iPhone 7.

1) Take data backup of iPhone 7: You do not want to lose your data, if something go wrong while you are jail breaking your iPhone 7.. I recommend you to backup all your data to iCloud, iTunes or your laptop or any other external device.

2) It is really necessary that you should Turn off "Find my iPhone", touch id and it`s passcode to successfully jailbreak iPhone 7.

3) Check if you have installed latest version of iTunes.

4) Now you need a compatible jailbreak tool for your iPhone 7 running on iOS10 to your Mac or Windows PC. You can easily check it by going to settings > general > About >Version.

Now you may ask about what are the best tools to jailbreak iOS 10:

1) Evasion
2) Pangu
3) RedSnow
4) SnowBreeze
5) Taig

How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 with Pangu:

You can very easily jailbreak your iPhone 7 using Pangu on your Windows PC. let`s see how you can do it.
  • Start Pangu
  • Connect iPhone 7 with your computer or laptop
  • Pangu will automatically detects your iPhone 7
  • Click on the "Start" to start iPhone 7 jailbreak
  • Follow on Screen instructions to successfully Jailbreak iPhone 7.
  • Occasionally unlock the iPhone 7, Swipe up and enable the Airplane mode.
  • On Pangu you will see "Jailbreak Complete"
  • iPhone 7 Will reboot
  • Now Cydia is on your iPhone 7 screen
  • Now run Cydia and start downloading tweaks offered by jailbreak iPhone community

What is you see Runtime Error when running Pangu:

Don`t worry, Just check if iTunes is already installed or not. If iTunes is there and still you getting "Runtime Error" message while running Pangu than do the following things:

1) Uninstall Apple application support, Bonjour, Apple mobile device support, Apple software update and iTunes.
2) Reboot your computer
3) Reinstall iTunes
4) Run Pangu and this time it will work with giving "Runtime Error" and you will successfully complete iPhone 7 jailbrak processes by following this step by step guide.

You have jailborken iPhone 7 running on iOS 10 successfully. 

Now turn on Touch id, passcode and Find My iPhone and you are ready to enjoy your Jailbroken iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus.

If you still have any question regarding unlocking or jailbreak iPhone 7, feel free to ask via comments.

Do share which iPhone you are using? Have you already jailbreak your iPhone?
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick

With the launch of iOS 10, we were relaxed that now iOS will not track personal data. iDeviceHelp has recently posted a trick to easily bypass iPhone homelock screen and enter into the gallery and contacts of strangers iPhone.

iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick! : iOS Crunch
iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick! : iOS Crunch
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To Bypass iPhone homelock screen you need following things:
1) Enable Siri
2) Extra iPhone

In video users shows that he is not a hacker. He just ask Siri, "Who am I?". Siri responds with name and phone number.

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  1. Then he shows function of second iPhone and facetiming target phone. Click on Messages.
  2. iPhone gets locked at facetime feature.
  3. Enables voice and tap keyboard and recipient simultaneously.
  4. It Turns up phone contacts.
  5. Select any contact information
  6. Goes in new contact menu
  7. Click on photo thumbnail to open the gallery
So you see that anyone can access contacts and gallery even without any coding.

Even earlier reports shows that iPhone lock screen is easily hackable. You can do this on any new iPhone 6 plus, iPhone SE with iOS 10.2.

There is another channel which claims that this exploit even work on iPhone with iOS 8.0 or above. I am yet waiting.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

iOS10 : Everything you need to know

Are you still waiting for iOS 10 Update?


Are you think if you should update iOS 10 or not?

Being on latest OS, helps your iOS devices be more secure and also add many additional features that you may have not found in the earlier versions.

Today I am going to share iOS 10 review to help you decide if you should update iOS 10 or not.

iOS10 : Everything you need to know 

iOS10 : Everything you need to know : iOS Crunch
iOS10 : Everything you need to know : iOS Crunch


Better use of 3D Touch
Number of small tweaks.
Revamped Messages app
Smarter Photos


Siri still not 100% accurate

Let`s digg about iOS10:

iOS is a solid OS and it becomes more solid with iOS 10. In every new version of iOS you can see more convenient usage.

Getting started

It is usual thing that when a new update rollout, things get a bit crunchy and people face some issues in the begining. But now iOS has resolved most of the issues so you can go for iOS10 update. I always recommend you to take the backup of your iOS device on icloud before updating it to iOS10.

There are chances that you may have been already prompted about the iOS10 update. But if till now you have not updated it, then go to "General" in Settings app to update it manually. It will start downloading an installation file.

Revamped lock screen

iOS10 offers all-too-familiar lock screen with some new tricks. You will see more customize Today screen by swiping from the left. You can easily access the widgets using this and check weather updates, latest news and upcoming appointments quickly.

To use Camera you need to swipe from the right. it is more easier than earlier versions.

You can even interact with messages without leaving the lock screen.

Control Center

Now it shows two separate pages. On the first page it Airplane mode, Screen rotation lock, Bluetooth, WIFI .

On the second page you will find media controls.

3D Touch (and Taptic Engine) finally feels useful

Apple`s 3D Touch works in every part of OS. In iPhone7 3D Touch works better than the other iPhones. Now you can use 3D touch to change brightness.

The Messages app takes on Snapchat

Apple has improved it`s core apps in iOS 10. There are number of improvements in their Messages app. Now you can even change the intensity of iMessages. The latter is particularly useful if you're in a public place with lots of prying eyes. You can also add balloons, shooting star, falling confetti and laser lights.

You can even send hearts and other symbols with Digital Touch. You can even turn your phone in ladnscape mode and send handwritten messages.

Now Apple has its own sticker packs with apps for images and videos.

Smarter Photos

Now you can enjoy the computer vision technology to sense pile of pics. You cna enjoy auto generated slideshows and memories. Also you can set music mood and length for live photos.

Refined Music

iOS10 brings new look of Music app. Now it shows disk arts, bold colors and big fonts.

Final Words:
I recommend all Apple users to update to iOS 10.

If you have any question regarding iOS 10 feel free to ask me via comments.
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission

iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission : iOS Crunch
iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission : iOS Crunch
Image Credit : Apple
Here comes a great news for those who always worry about the data misuse by the smartphone companies, that in iOS10 Apple is giving you an option to choose that either you want to share your data with Apple or not. So if you do not want to share your data then you will have an option for this.

In the beginning Apple use data to track user behavior so that they can make SIri to offer better service and predict what you want at what time, which is actually not a big issue for any iOS user. But Apple has never said clearly that what type of data they collect. Now recent news says that you will have an option to opt out of data sharing with the company.

As of now Apple has not started data collection yet. With the launch of iOS 10 launches it will need users to provide their consent to Apple to share their data. Chances are that you will get a prompt message on iOS10 display to opt in or out of data sharing.

Apple is also going to bring Al to photo app to recognize locations, objects and faces automatically in iOS10. Users may have a fear that they company can collect their photos and store them on a cloud storage. But Apple has denied such activity.

Currently the best thing is this that Apple is going to give its users an option where they can choose if they want to share their personal data with the company or not. It is a really great step. Because where other companies are forcing users to share their data because of their own business purposes, Apple is showing that how user friendly they are and also they are showing respect to its users.

Do share what you think about this feature of iOS10, If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

'GMT Bug' in iOS 8 Calendar Causing Time Zone Confusion for Users

Are you on iOS8? I don`t know if you have noticed tis or not but a large number of Apple usres are reporting in support forums an issue with iOS 8 and the time zones of synced calendar events. This error is known as "GMT bug". It is causing confusion as calendar events see a secondary time zone added on.
'GMT Bug' in iOS 8 Calendar Causing Time Zone Confusion for Users : CydiaApple
'GMT Bug' in iOS 8 Calendar Causing Time Zone Confusion for Users : CydiaApple
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A new thread started in Apple support forum after the release of iOS 8 regarding this issue. It has gained so much attention as many users are facing the same issue. In this erroe calender events created for one time zone automatically converted to other time zone.

Most affected appointments are from default iOS calender app of Google or Microsoft Exchange. In this actual time setting becomes defined in GMT, which can cause issues, if you edit entry without checking the timezone.

There is a conflict on this issue that is it a bug or not. Apple said that till now they haven been reported by only one user and they are working to fix this issue and they told others that it is just and expected behavior.

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The issue is elated to "Time Zone Override" setting in iOS 8. This setting allows users to maintain a consistent time zone even if they travel to different time zones, but automatically change of tie zone is creating issues.

Last update of iOS version 8.1.2 came December with a fix for disappearing ringtones. Developers are also using iOS 8.2 betas, which was released last week.

Do share if you are facing GMT bug issues. or any other issues with your iOS device. If you find this article useful, do share on facebook, twitter and Google plus. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe CydiaApple newsletter to get free updates.
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Friday, July 1, 2016

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is improving overall performance and implementing new features to your iOS devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhone. So let`s see what is new about iOS 9. There is a wide range of enhancements which include many minor and major enhancements from improved shift key to smarter search experience.
10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
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Better Search

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch

Apple has recently updated spotlight feature for iOS 9. It is a tool to search your iOS device quickly for any information including emails or contacts. You can even access your search from two different locations such as by swiping down on any of your home screens or to the left of the main home screen.

Do you want to search for your favorite Rugby team? You can even see the recent scores of your favorite team. If you want to check the weather conditions then you just need to enter weather. Search results will also show news articles, suggestions for dinner table and even suggest you some good apps.

Siri With Super Powers

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch

After updating your iOS device to iOS9, you can even ask Siri to:

    Show pics certain location or dates
    Set reminders.
    Remind you what you have been looking at your iOS apps.

New News App

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
Apple has introduced its really new news app for you. This will give you easy access to news updates. You can easily subscribe to a blog and publishers within this news app, or add any website via Safari browser. You can even share articles from your news feed. The News app is much more than just photos and text. Apple offer enhanced experience with animation. galleries, video and audio.

Notes App Gets Fancy

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
Now iOS Notes app offers more than random text. You can even enter hand drwan sketches, web links, photos and formatted text. It even allows you to create folders to easily organize notes. Apple allows you to sync notes using iCloud drive.

Transit Directions in Apple Maps

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
Apple Maps new Transit view even shows directions and routes for public transit lines. You can even ask Siri for transit directions.

Wallet Replaces Passbook

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
Iphone has changed its passbook icon to new name wallet. But need not to worry to reenter any of your strings. Wallet even supports more cards, store, rewards.

Low-Power Mode

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch

Does your iPhone always die before the day is done? An optional new feature will help squeeze as much extra juice as possible out of the last 20% of the battery. By disabling non-essential features such as automatic app updates and push email, your iOS device will last longer.

iPad`s Slide Over and Split View

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch

iOS 9 brings new awesome features to the iPad. It even allows you to use two apps at the same time with Split and slide view.

iPad Picture-In-Picture

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch
iOS 9 introduces new picture-in-picture mode for you which allows you to view the small video frame even when you switch between apps.

Smarter iPad Keyboard

10 Most Important Changes You Must Know to Use iOS 9 : iOS Crunch

The new iPad’s keyboard offers shortcut to highlight and manipulate text. You can use two fingers to double-tap the keyboard and it will select the word.
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

iOS 7 Features

During my final submit, We pointed out in relation to iPhone5S, in addition to aided you to create a conclusion on sell or perhaps to not sell your own iPhone5 pertaining to 5S. When Apple mackintosh announced the actual release associated with iOS 7, We hurried to determine everything that I possibly could around the latest OPERATING-SYSTEM in addition to waited having bated air with the expected Replace button to appear in our screen. Right now, even if you tend to be working iPhone5, I propose that you update for you to iOS7, seeing that this particular new type associated with iOS firmware, gives some good and far essential attributes such as speak to blocker, Sound recording just FaceTime call and many others.

iOS 7 Features : Cydia Apple
iOS 7 Features : Cydia Apple

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One of the good thing about just about every updated type associated with iOS firmware is: It combines almost all crucial top features of Cydia in it. One of the main reason most of us find yourself jailbreaking our apple iphone is to take pleasure in more electric power with regards to acquiring more attributes. By way of example, ahead of iOS7, Sbsettings used to be a terrific Cydia chop, and with iOS7, you possibly can just neglect it. In the same manner attributes such as call blocker, live wall papers were being previously probable soon after adding Cydia with your apple iphone, and with new top features of iOS, it’s included in the cellular phone by itself. These days, I am sharing a few of the significant top features of iOS 7, which usually you should know.

ios7 apple iphone features:

1. Files can hold as much blog because you wish

It's easy to place as much blog as you're able a single folder, seeing that Apple mackintosh possesses put the actual limitations in the number of blog per folder within iOS 7. If you need, you may also place All of your current blog a single folder and get a clear house screen.

2. Announcements get timestamps

Probably the most irritating areas of Announcements within iOS was deficiency of timestamps in your messages. iOS 7 possesses enhanced in in which in addition to you will check out what exactly time each concept was dispatched or perhaps obtained. Most you must do is swipe more than through the proper area of the chat to find out the actual timestamps.

3. Allow the Iphone app Retailer update your own blog for you personally

In iOS types beyond, you needed for you to physically check out Iphone app Retailer only to update your own blog. Overlook updating several days, in addition to you’d discover youself to be requiring you to update over 10 blog at the same time. Together with iOS 7, anyone can fixed the actual Iphone app Retailer for you to auto-update just about every software in order to go out updating when utilizing cell facts.

6. Employ Siri to deal with your own telephone calls

Siri are now able to end up being one's own admin – just question your ex. You can have your ex enjoy your own voicemails for you personally, or perhaps call rear a speak to as their call you merely have missed. Don’t such as Siri as being a girl? Change it with a more masculine style by visiting Adjustments.

5. Help to make audio-only FaceTime telephone calls

Consider the face outside of FaceTime after you produce telephone calls for you to additional iOS or perhaps OPERATING-SYSTEM Times customers. Now there are a couple of options when coming up with telephone calls. Merely click on the cellular phone image for you to call your mates and never have to demonstrate the face. It’s in addition a terrific way to spend less in cell minutes. This is very useful if you tend to be in restricted facts programs, and are also making use of Facetime for making telephone calls, seeing that audio tracks just Facetime call will probably consume a smaller amount facts.

6. Don’t enable Apple mackintosh observe your own activities

Did you know that Apple mackintosh received presented ad tracking the government financial aid iOS 6? We wouldn’t end up being stunned when you didn’t; very few people perform. It had been meant to observe your own exploring task so that you can mail focused advertisings for your cellular phone. However you will disable tracking if you need to, proper beneath the Privacy options.

7. Block undesirable callers in addition to messages

Time and energy to start out blocking hundreds of irritating callers in addition to messages with your cellular phone. iOS 7 currently allows you to prohibit a speak to through phoning you or perhaps mailing you messages. You can prohibit a speak to through phoning you by visiting Make contact with Specifics in addition to clicking on Block this particular Unknown caller. Take care of clogged messages by visiting Announcements underneath Adjustments in addition to clicking on Clogged. That pertains to both iMessages in addition to FaceTime. I know locate this particular attribute very useful, seeing that this can help me personally to remove individuals irritating undesirable people to call me personally. If you'd like a short training on how for you to prohibit people in iOS, perform let me realize, in addition to I most certainly will put it through to the next submit.

8. Erase your own gadget soon after many hit a brick wall efforts

We have a password in our cellular phone, such as the competition, since I need to shield facts about it. To guard this particular facts, iOS 7 currently has an choice to Eliminate Facts soon after 10 hit a brick wall password efforts.

9. Find Evening Function pertaining to road directions

Who aspires a blinding white light-weight even though generating? Certainly not me personally. Apple mackintosh Roadmaps currently automatically tunes the actual guide software for you to darken good period. You don’t even must flip whatever in; this particular attribute has arrived to say whether or not that suits you it or perhaps certainly not.

10. Compass Iphone app features a spirit stage

The apple iphone are now able to dual as being a software while using built-in spirit stage. Swipe for the next page in which you’ll locate a smart bubble stage surface area which you can use. Merely collection it up to you have a well balanced no certifications, which means everything’s almost all direct.

Why don't you consider you? Have you updated your own iOS, or perhaps are you currently nonetheless for the fence in addition to can’t choose? There are a lot associated with undetectable gem stones within iOS 7, in addition to they are just some of these. Once you learn associated with every other iOS7 Functions we have missed, perform let me realize through feedback.
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