iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick

With the launch of iOS 10, we were relaxed that now iOS will not track personal data. iDeviceHelp has recently posted a trick to easily bypass iPhone homelock screen and enter into the gallery and contacts of strangers iPhone.

iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick! : iOS Crunch
iPhone Lock Screen Vulnerable to Bypass Easy Trick! : iOS Crunch
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To Bypass iPhone homelock screen you need following things:
1) Enable Siri
2) Extra iPhone

In video users shows that he is not a hacker. He just ask Siri, "Who am I?". Siri responds with name and phone number.

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  1. Then he shows function of second iPhone and facetiming target phone. Click on Messages.
  2. iPhone gets locked at facetime feature.
  3. Enables voice and tap keyboard and recipient simultaneously.
  4. It Turns up phone contacts.
  5. Select any contact information
  6. Goes in new contact menu
  7. Click on photo thumbnail to open the gallery
So you see that anyone can access contacts and gallery even without any coding.

Even earlier reports shows that iPhone lock screen is easily hackable. You can do this on any new iPhone 6 plus, iPhone SE with iOS 10.2.

There is another channel which claims that this exploit even work on iPhone with iOS 8.0 or above. I am yet waiting.

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