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Saturday, September 17, 2016

iOS10 : Everything you need to know

Are you still waiting for iOS 10 Update?


Are you think if you should update iOS 10 or not?

Being on latest OS, helps your iOS devices be more secure and also add many additional features that you may have not found in the earlier versions.

Today I am going to share iOS 10 review to help you decide if you should update iOS 10 or not.

iOS10 : Everything you need to know 

iOS10 : Everything you need to know : iOS Crunch
iOS10 : Everything you need to know : iOS Crunch


Better use of 3D Touch
Number of small tweaks.
Revamped Messages app
Smarter Photos


Siri still not 100% accurate

Let`s digg about iOS10:

iOS is a solid OS and it becomes more solid with iOS 10. In every new version of iOS you can see more convenient usage.

Getting started

It is usual thing that when a new update rollout, things get a bit crunchy and people face some issues in the begining. But now iOS has resolved most of the issues so you can go for iOS10 update. I always recommend you to take the backup of your iOS device on icloud before updating it to iOS10.

There are chances that you may have been already prompted about the iOS10 update. But if till now you have not updated it, then go to "General" in Settings app to update it manually. It will start downloading an installation file.

Revamped lock screen

iOS10 offers all-too-familiar lock screen with some new tricks. You will see more customize Today screen by swiping from the left. You can easily access the widgets using this and check weather updates, latest news and upcoming appointments quickly.

To use Camera you need to swipe from the right. it is more easier than earlier versions.

You can even interact with messages without leaving the lock screen.

Control Center

Now it shows two separate pages. On the first page it Airplane mode, Screen rotation lock, Bluetooth, WIFI .

On the second page you will find media controls.

3D Touch (and Taptic Engine) finally feels useful

Apple`s 3D Touch works in every part of OS. In iPhone7 3D Touch works better than the other iPhones. Now you can use 3D touch to change brightness.

The Messages app takes on Snapchat

Apple has improved it`s core apps in iOS 10. There are number of improvements in their Messages app. Now you can even change the intensity of iMessages. The latter is particularly useful if you're in a public place with lots of prying eyes. You can also add balloons, shooting star, falling confetti and laser lights.

You can even send hearts and other symbols with Digital Touch. You can even turn your phone in ladnscape mode and send handwritten messages.

Now Apple has its own sticker packs with apps for images and videos.

Smarter Photos

Now you can enjoy the computer vision technology to sense pile of pics. You cna enjoy auto generated slideshows and memories. Also you can set music mood and length for live photos.

Refined Music

iOS10 brings new look of Music app. Now it shows disk arts, bold colors and big fonts.

Final Words:
I recommend all Apple users to update to iOS 10.

If you have any question regarding iOS 10 feel free to ask me via comments.
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission

iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission : iOS Crunch
iOS 10 Won’t Collect Your Personal Data Without Your Permission : iOS Crunch
Image Credit : Apple
Here comes a great news for those who always worry about the data misuse by the smartphone companies, that in iOS10 Apple is giving you an option to choose that either you want to share your data with Apple or not. So if you do not want to share your data then you will have an option for this.

In the beginning Apple use data to track user behavior so that they can make SIri to offer better service and predict what you want at what time, which is actually not a big issue for any iOS user. But Apple has never said clearly that what type of data they collect. Now recent news says that you will have an option to opt out of data sharing with the company.

As of now Apple has not started data collection yet. With the launch of iOS 10 launches it will need users to provide their consent to Apple to share their data. Chances are that you will get a prompt message on iOS10 display to opt in or out of data sharing.

Apple is also going to bring Al to photo app to recognize locations, objects and faces automatically in iOS10. Users may have a fear that they company can collect their photos and store them on a cloud storage. But Apple has denied such activity.

Currently the best thing is this that Apple is going to give its users an option where they can choose if they want to share their personal data with the company or not. It is a really great step. Because where other companies are forcing users to share their data because of their own business purposes, Apple is showing that how user friendly they are and also they are showing respect to its users.

Do share what you think about this feature of iOS10, If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.
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