Tired of iPhone Battery Drain? Learn To Save Battery Life

iPhones battery issues is sometime be headache for most of the users. Earlier we have talked about iOS7 features. Use of features is major culprit of battery draining. So today we talk about hot to save and improve battery life of iphone.

Tired of iPhone Battery Drain? Learn To Save Battery Life : Cydia Apple
Tired of iPhone Battery Drain? Learn To Save Battery Life : Cydia Apple

How to Fix iPhone Battery Drain problem?

if you are tired of iPhone battery draining problem, follow these tricks.

1. Fix your brightness setting.

Brightness is the biggest culprit of iPhone battery drain. Use ambient light sensor and set it on Auto-Brightness. This will automatically adjust screen brightness levels based on light around it.

2. Disable spotlight search.

Spotlight Search also drain battery by constantly updating its search index. Turn Spotlight Search off by unchecking data types it can search for.

3. Don’t wait for auto-lock.

Lock Your iPhone yourself and don’t wait for auto-lock.

4. Limit notifications.

Limit notifications to only the most important. use Do Not Disturb.

5. Turn off connectivity settings when not in use.

Disable Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth or LTE as these use battery whenever they are turned on, even if you are not using them. So turn them off.

6. Disable location services.

Use Location services specially when you are travelling, as it help to find if you misplace your.

7. Turn off Parallax and dynamic backgrounds.

Parallax and dynamic backgrounds consume lots of battery.

8. Don’t push email, fetch less often.

If you are not really waiting for any important email to arrive then its better to fetch your email every hour or so instead.

9. Stop apps from auto-updating.

Stop apps from automatic updates. you can change it from settings.

10. Buy an extended battery pack

Carry an external battery instead. There are a lot of extended life batteries from different brands. Mophie juice pack is always recommend.

You can also download Normal from app store, as it will show which app is using maximum battery on your iPhone.

You might say that turning off all of these things is like disabling your iPhone’s “smartphone” capability, but the trick is fine-tuning all the services and apps you need so that you use battery life on just the essentials.

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