15 Facts You Did Not Know About the iPhone

Everyone want to have an iPhone. Do you know everything about iPhones or anything else other than what sites tell you? Here are some facts and trivia for you.

Right now many of you might be using iPhone5S or iPhone 6. Let`s see some of the interesting facts about iPhones.

15 Facts You Did Not Know About the iPhone : Cydia Apple
15 Facts You Did Not Know About the iPhone : Cydia Apple
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Check out these awesome iPhone facts

1. iPhone had originally patented by Cisco Systems and they sued Apple for calling its smartphone an iPhone. The Cisco iPhone was a VOIP phone. Cisco iPhone allowed users to call through Skype computer. Both companies reached a settlement name.

2. In 1983. Hartmut Esslinger designed a prototype phone that reflected iPhone and iPad features today.Although that protoype had never been in production, but it’s good to know that Apple had already been playing with iPhone ideas a long time ago.

3. The App Store was the first place to legally download an app.

4. There’s a Bono in every iPhone.

5. Apple ads always show 9:42am in iPhone ads because Apple events started at 9am and the ads are timed to appear about 40 minutes.

6. Samsung and Apple are bitter rival in smartphoen industry but still Apple contracting Samsung to make its computer chips.

7. iPhones made texting the in thing.

8. iPhone was Invention of the Year in 2007.

9. The iPhone was named Purple. iPhone developers also called their section in the Apple headquarters the “Purple Dorm”.

10. Cydia is not just a random name. It is named on most common apple worm.

11. iPhone 4 ushered in Antennagate. T

12. The iPhone’s Retina screen is the most expensive component at a whopping $28.50.

13. 200 patents, 1 iPhone.

14. Some media people dubbed the iPhone the “Jesus phone”..

15. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, he made a prank call to a nearby Starbucks and ordered 4,000 lattes.

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