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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Record iPhone Calls with CallRecorder Cydia Tweak

Call recording is a feature that iPhone has been lacking from quite sometime now. But after a long wait Cydia developer, Elias Limneos, has created a Call Recorder tweak that enable iPhone 5/4S users to record calls on iPhone.

The CallRecorder tweak, at present is priced at $3.99 and compatible with both iPhone 4S and iPhone5. These devices support this tweak because of built-in audio codecs. Older iPhone models won’t be compatible with this tweak.

Record iPhone Calls with CallRecorder Cydia Tweak : Cydia Apple
Record iPhone Calls with CallRecorder Cydia Tweak : iOS Crunch
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How to Install Call Recorder Tweak on your iPhone:

First you need to jailbroken your iPhone, here is a guide: How to untethered jailbreak iPhone5 on iOS 6 using Evasi0n
  •     Open Cydia Store
  •     Manage
  •     Sources 
  •     Edit 
  •     Add
  •     Type
  •     Add the Repo
  •     Or search for “Call Recorder” Tweak in Cydia store or simply tap the repo that you have added.

Things you must know before Installing CallRecorder Cydia Tweak

Call recorder is a paid app, but you can get it for free from cydia sources like insanelyi. But there s one thing that you should know above all, is that when you use CallRecorder tweak, a voice-notification will be sent to the receiver that this call is being recorder. This feature can`t be remoed as in most countries call recording is illegal. On iPhone4 you can record only if you switch to Speaker, in iPhone5 you can record call on both the receiver and speaker. Here are some more cydia tweaks that you should know about:

    5 useful Cydia tweak for iPhone 5 users

Over all, it’s a tweak that you have been waiting for. Make sure that you use it for fair purposes.
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fix: Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of

If you have recently jailbroken iOS device using Evasi0n then you might have seen an error in CydiaWow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of“. With the message it’s clear that you have added the maximum number of Cydia packages. Today we discuss about why you are getting this error and how to fix it:

    How to use Cydia on iPhone & iPad: Starters guide

Fix Cydia Error : Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of : Cydia Apple
Fix Cydia Error : Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of : Cydia Apple

How to Fix exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of Error

Cydia hosts n number of Cydia sources. Every source have tons of packagest. Whenever you add a any new Cydia source, it also adds all associated packages with it.

Cydia has a limit of 65k packages. When you install Cydia, it adds around 40K packages by default. When your iOS device reaches 65K packages, it starts giving this exceeded number of packages error.

Saurik (creator of Cydia), also said that this is a limitation of Cydia, which will be removed in upcoming updates.

    How to install Appcake from Cydia

So now you know that if you get “Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of” error, then just go to Manage > Sources and delete some sources which you are not using.

I hope this will solve Cydia error, if you still have any question, feel free to ask me. Do join me on Facebook for more such updates.
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

5 Awesome Cydia Tweaks for iPhone Users

There are a numerous totally free tweaks offered at the Cydia Retail store you will want to to your jailbroken i phone. The following many of us may speak about practical Cydia tweaks regarding i phone consumers.

Useful Cydia Tweaks for iPhone5 Users : Cydia Apple
Useful Cydia Tweaks for iPhone5 Users : Cydia Apple

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Cydia Tweaks for iPhone:

Before we start, you should refer this cydia sources and popular repos. Install these app:


Dash is a very useful free jailbreak app available on Cydia. It is an alternate for App Switcher.
  •     Awesome feel and look.
  •     Easily switch between apps.
  •     Animation styles.
  •     Swipe up to close running apps
You can access this tweak via Activator action. Dash is available on Cydia for $1.99 on ModMyi repo.

MissionBoard Pro

MissionBoard Expert should be to replace the iOS App Switcher. This means that you can accessibility the amount in addition to audio handles along with history, angle toggle, the lighting slider in addition to AirPlay management.

It also provides fast access towards toggle. You may also destroy the applications. Person applications may also be slain by means of enabling ‘Always Demonstrate Close’. ‘Badges’ toggle demonstrates the notice badges. ‘Paging’ attribute helps consumers to help scroll from the several applications during a period.

MissionBoard Expert can be acquired regarding $2. 99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

YouTubeToMp3 YouTube Plugin

YouTubeToMp3 Metacafe Plugin permit you to download songs with no duplicating in addition to pasting regarding WEBSITE.

There's a ‘Convert to help Mp3’ switch which permit you to convert video lessons to the Mp3 formatting. You need to have YouTubeToMp3 adjust so that you can deploy the plug-in. It really is designed for totally free with the BigBoss repo.


Protecti is usually a adjust which let consumers to safeguard each of the details in addition to facts on their gadget by using a uncomplicated Activator-based touch. This really is beneficial should your loved ones or good friends funding your own gadget. It also means that you can restrict use of specific elements of it. It offers great deal of personalization alternatives, along with the facts is actually held secure. Protecti can be acquired regarding $2. 99 coming from Cydia with the BigBoss repo.


Zephyr is perfect for multi-tasking in addition to multi-touch motions. The new type comes with improvements and still have landscape help, notice peeking in addition to landscape app.

You possibly can retrieve multitasking club by means of swiping in place. It also means that you can change between the applications by means of moving towards right or remaining with the screen. It really is offered at the BigBoss regarding $4. 99.

SB options is the app which permit you to include swift toggle Wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth switch throughout notice widget. Additionally, moviebox coming from Bigbossrepo is actually should have regarding leisure buffs.
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to Install AppCake from Cydia : Installous Alternative

Death of installous app was the most sad news in the history of iOS jailbreak community. But still it dosn`t stop jailbreaking of iPhones as some of new Installous alternatives came to shine. One of the popular Installous alternative is AppCake that allow you to install paid apps for free.

I have installed Appcake from Cydia and found that it is the best alternative of Installous. It also works only on Jailbroken devices. To install Appcake you need Cydia and we have already talked about how to install cydia, so today we talk about how to install Appcake on Jailbroken iOS device from Cydia.

How to Install AppCake from Cydia : Installous Alternative : CydiaApple
How to Install AppCake from Cydia : Installous Alternative : CydiaApple
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How to Install AppCake on Jailbroken iPhone or iPad:

You just need to follow few steps to install Appcake+ on any iOS device. I installed Appcake on jailbroken iPad2 running iOS 5.0.1. Here are quick steps:
  •     Add Appcake repo
  •     Search & install Appcake+ or Appcake
  •     Install Paid apps for free

Add Appcake repo:

Appcake repo is and we have already talked about, how to add sources to Cydia. After add Cydia search for Appcake or Appcake+ and install on your iOS device.

Within a minute you install appcake and then you are ready to use it. Downaloding app are easy from Appcake as they are hosted on free file sharing sites.

One more Installous alternative is vShare. It is one of the best alternative as it has amazing UI and also allow you to directly download from their server.

Fore a power user of Installous, Appcake+ is a best solution. We will talk more about this in coming articles. Don`t forget to share this post on facebook and twitter so others also know about best installous alternative Appcake.

To get more updates join us on facebook or twitter.
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

How to Add Cydia Sources for New Cydia Apps

Here at iOS Crunch, we are covering various topics related to Cydia and today we talk about how to add Cydia sources. We have already discussed about best Cydia sources and now we see, how to add repo on Cydia. If you are newbie to jailbroken iOS device, I recommend you to read:

    What is Cydia
    How to use Cydia

Now I believe you have the list of Cydia sources to add to Cydia or you can check my list from here.

How to add repo to Cydia?

Run Cydia on a jailbroken iOS device then click on "Manage". Under manage  Click on "Sources".

Under Sources tab, there will be a list of already added repo, some of the default repo or other source address, which you might have added earlier. Click on "Edit" and then on "Add".

A popup will open up shown below : Add Cydia/APT URL here. For ex:

Click on add source and you might get a Cydia source warning. Only add trusted and reputable repo to cydia. When you add any repo to Cydia, never close the Cydia. Don`t do anything even if it get stuck for sometime, as this may cause issues with iPhone. Rest everything is just simple.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and Facebook.
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ultimate List of Cydia Sources

We have already talked about What is Cydia and How to use Cydia. Now it is the time to make your jailbroken iOS shine with some awesome tweaks and Cydia apps. You can find Cydia apps in their respective repositories. You just need to ass source link to download and install any app.

We all know what are the benefits of Cydia repositories. These repositories allow us to download and install Cydia apps for free. We can download HD themes, tweaks and games etc. Jailbreaking an iOS device add more fun. You just need to add Cydia source to download tweaks and apps from Cydia. Today we talk about list of top Cydia sources.

Use this link to search all Cydia tweak on the Web browser. Now lets see some must have Cydia sources for your iPhone.

Top list of Cydia Sources & Repos:


Modmyi has a variety of modifications, tweaks and apps for your iPhone. Here you can see latest news, Cydia apps, reviews, themes and downloads etc. Moving through the website is also very easy, and all from trusted sources only. you will find them in appropriate categories, such as: lifestyle, entertainment, education, business, Books etc. You can also see Pocket Frogs that is a popular app. This is a free game app and players can breed, discover, collect, and trade  around 15,000 unique frogs.

ModMyi Repo:

iPhone Cake repo

If you are looking for games to play on your iPhone then iPhoneCake repo as the best. It has a variety of games. This repo also has other tweaks and apps that will enhance your iDevice. You can find the game of your choice and fun.

Repo URL:


Insanelyi has a huge number of tweaks, mods, and apps etc. and all from trusted sources. They also have forum taht you cna join to be updated.. They also have tutorial on their site.


The FillippoBiga provide interesting design. You can search a variety of apps for your iDevices. It has a tweak ‘Springtomize’ with all of the modifications, you only need this tweak to customize your iDevice.


The BigBoss repo is the best Cydia source repo avilable on the internet. This repo hosts hundreds of themes, apps, tweaks and mods etc. for you to try on your iPhone. The RingerX VIP tweak avilable on this repo. It allows you to configure the ring and the vibrating behavior. You can even mute the device.

Thia app is required to install Installous.

Here are more Cydia sources, browse them:


We will be updating list with more cydia sources, don’t forget to join our Facebook page for updates. 
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